This kid has nothing to worry about, but for us trying to achieve our weight loss goals..

We could be vulnerable!

  • -Short term pleasure is not worth your long term goal.
  • -Short term pain long term gain
  • -What you eat in private your wear in public
  • -Pictures of your skinniest self

I could go on for days, we all are battling hunger from time to time during dieting.  Bodybuilder to woman trying to battle with cravings to achieve her goal. A fat loss diet is a deficit. Plain and simple. You can disguise it however you want it. Its real and your body knows it! You can either give in and binge ( this leads to spinning your wheels) OR YOU CAN GET SMARTER ABOUT IT.


So we’ve all been there…

The day is over, you just ate your last meal of the day and you’re beyond starving..

You’re moody, and just want to go to sleep so you can eat the next day (competitors, this hits home doesn’t it?)

When we diet we all get hungry, here are some reasons why.

  1. your meals are too small
  2. your meals contain no volume to fill your stomach
  3. your actually thirsty and since you’re dieting you’re completely food focused
  4. you’re bored

Ill hit some tips in another post on some of these, but today I’m going to focus on the “healthy option” foods that are causing you to want to chew your arm off, and sometimes make you go over on your calories.

  • Nuts/seeds
    • Although healthy, highly calorically dense and easy to just grab another handful. Extra hand full=170 -200 extra cals. 2 extra handfuls 340-400. The cals you were saving for the weekend you can just kiss goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I love nuts  but we all know that eating the serving of nuts is hard to do if the bag or box is in front of you. Also the people that say” oh I pack them I’m good about them”. Okay,  but they don’t provide much satiation on a day that were starving. Use your nuts on the days its easy not to overeat and make sure you’re weighing them out (or at least counting them and logging it).
  • Nut butters
    • This is the same deal. Who gets out the peanut butter and weighs out their peanut butter to the gram, then licks the other half serving off of the spoon. I know I’ve been guilty of it. Just because you don’t log it doesn’t mean it doesn’t count! The health benefits of nuts and nut butters are awesome, but if they are hindering your progress and you are overweight, then you may have to leave them alone. “But nut butters and nuts are healthy?” Yes but being a healthy body weight trumps the health benefits of the nut butters and nuts. So try to lay off of them if you find yourself doing what i just listed,starving, and/or  missing the feeling of fullness.
  • Oils
    • Same thing goes with this health food. Not working towards losing weight and are a healthy bodyweight? Go for it! On a 1200 cal diet and thinking about food 24/7? This small tablespoon is not going to fill your stomach, and adding 2 extra servings can add up to 300 cals and if youre following a 1200 cal diet, well it just went up to 1500.
  • Dates
    • 9 dates = give you 211 cals 55c 0f 2p. Adding 9 measley dates to a salad leaves it packed with calories. add dates croutons, craisins or raisins, dressing or oil, and nuts??? Salad cals just turned Big Mac!
  • Dressings
    • These dressings are easy to just squirt on and count them for last cals then what they’re containing too. I always advise people to pick something calorie free or salsa for additions to dressing the salad. Walden farms, Hot sauces, vinegars, all contain much less cals. This is for people having issues with over eating to get to their goal. I’m not saying this is forever you won’t eat dressing on your salad. Keep the primary goal in check here. Calorie restriction and satiation. These don’t provide much volume for the calories.
  • avocados
    • 1 avocado contains 260-350cals . I love these things but as you can see, the “healthy” superfoods contain a lot of calories.
  • fatty fish
    • Again I know its healthy, I understand that. I want you to notice that when you’re starving and having hunger pangs, you are vulnerable. So this 6-7 oz piece of Alaskan salmon could take 300-400 cals . Vs a chicken breast at 6-7 oz for 135-150cals. The hungrier days choose the chicken.
  • Nutrition bars/ Protein bars-
    • These bars in-particular, taste like a candy bar, but contain 390-400 cals.
  • Protein shakes
    • Drinking your calories is not going to provide you with any form of satiation for long. If you want to provide satiation through fluid, drink water. If you’re on a low calorie diet, you better chew up your calories and swallow them, I wouldn’t gallop them down on a day where you are “vulnerable for binging”.
  • Fruit smoothies
    • After we meet our goal of getting to a healthy weight, we can talk about maintaining that weight.