Month: December 2017

Cheat days are ruining your progress: 5 reasons to avoid this.

It creates a huge calorie surplus– having a cheat day can create some damage. Say the start of a cheat day out is a big breakfast of pancakes doused in syrup, butter, a glass of orange juice and some sausage (1500calories roughly). Lunch is Wendy’s for  a junior bacon cheeseburger, large fry and large coke (1200 cals) and dinner you decide to grab a 4 piece boneless wing and cheesey potato wedge basket from b dubs washed down with 1 beer (1200cals+) Congratulations! Your grand calorie total for the day 3900 calories! We didn’t even count the dipping sauces....

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Shoulder pain from breathing wrong, really? Box breathing can help

What’s the big deal with breathing? Have shoulder pain? Feel stressed anxious? How we breathe may be to blame.  This sounds crazy, but hear me out! Improper breathing techniques, known as chest breathing, causes our bodies to rely on our secondary breathing muscles more to do our main breathing muscles job. This is a term called synergistic dominance. Synergistic dominance is a term used for the big muscles becoming lazy, and the secondary muscles to do all of the work. The example we’re using here is the Scalene muscles (secondary breathing muscles). If we are chest breathing all of...

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BMI or mirror??

Many folks that are confused about what they should weigh, for their height, like to base it on a BMI chart. A BMI chart is a very broad and generic tool used to tell a person what they should or should not weigh. The main problem with this is it doesn’t take muscle mass into consideration or bone structure. These two indicators can cause your BMI to be out of range and close to obese! BMI= weight in kg./(height in meters squared) example : me : weight in kilos=85.45kg  height in meters 1.77 85.45/(1.77×1.77)= 27.27 …average health range 18.5-24.9...

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