Month: April 2020

Water weight and explanation of why you gain weight when your diet is over

Everyone wants to get to their goal weight. They put their eyes on a number and go for it.  That’s okay and dandy to set your goal that way If its what drives you. I would say that having an ideal range would be a better option.  The reason being is on your weight journey down, you may like the way you feel at a certain point. Mark that down and keep trucking along. If you get really lean you may like the way you look, but you may not like how you feel. I know that may sound...

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how to use a food scale and log the food correctly

1) buy a food scale 2)make sure it has batteries 3)press the power button 4)set the scale to grams or ounces (grams are more precise) 5)press the tare to set to zero 6)put a plate on the scale (it should show you a number, this is the weight of the plate) 7) press the tare to set to zero (now we can weigh the food ) 8) put food onto the plate ( this example we will use rice) 9) get the measurement of the white rice (example here is 150grams) 10) look up white rice cooked on your...

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