terrible-alignment-issue-cervical-thoracic-junctionTravis Avery – CSCS Certified Trainer with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Health.

He is a father of two children, and he is a husband. When Travis was younger he battled with his weight. In his public school years he was “the fat kid on the bus” and was picked on for his weight. At his heaviest, Travis was 238 pounds at 5′ 9″ tall. He signed up for a Health and Wellness class at Miami University that changed his life for the better. This was the start of a new chapter.

Through that time, Travis decided to start working out and eating differently. He went from wearing size 38 pants to size 28 pants in just 3 months. How did he lose that kind of weight? This time he didn’t do it the healthy way because he deprived himself of a proper amount of daily calories. Eventually he fell into the “clean eating” where there were good foods and bad foods. This lead to an unhealthy relationship with food for an extended period of time. It also never allowed him the results he was hoping for.

Travis was spinning his wheels by restricting his foods and binging the nutrients he was deprived of. Experimenting with a flexible dieting approach did help him find a balance. The goal of entirely restricting yourself from your favorite loved foods is practically unattainable. Attempting such will eventually lead to a binge purge relationship with “bad foods”. When one restricts themselves to “clean foods” for an extended period of time with no sugar, they will eventually eat a whole pack of oreos or a few pints of ice cream they had previously been depriving their bodies of. Everyone needs to find their balance. It can often be a battling process. Travis had trouble with weekends as it was difficult to stick to a planned diet. He would then plan his weekend mess-ups with a slightly higher calorie balance than during the week. This allowed him to start progressing. After ceasing the strict food restraints, he decided to work with his body than against it. That allowed him to find a balance with his food.

It was at that time Travis decided to do a bodybuilding show with a balanced approach. The approach was as follows: Exercising 4 times a week, walking for cardio, and continuing to eat ice cream Monday through Thursday and drink beer on the weekend. He did not win the competition. However a personal goal was met when he did achieve a very low body fat while still being able to participate in normal activities with friends and family. Yes it absolutely can be done! Losing weight doesn’t have to be as hard and difficult as people make it out to be!

More often than not many people latch on to weight loss plans which have proven unsuccessful for most people. We need to make your weight loss journey attainable, to work AROUND YOUR LIFE, not take over your life.