Author: Scott Avery

Desk warrior tight areas

Desk warrior tight areas: (First of all I just want to say, I am not a doctor, and if you have a medical condition, go see someone, if you aren’t getting relief, see if any of this makes sense to you and maybe try changing your postural patterns during sitting) 1)Lower body areas that get tight     Illiopsoas– When this gets tight your low back hurts, and your glutes can’t work properly, putting more work on your hamstrings and your lower back muscles. If you cross your legs it could get worse! lower back, medial knee pain, and...

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10 low cal foods to help you stay within your cals

  10 low calorie foods that can help you stay within your calorie limit Some of these foods are to help you get through those days of hunger. These high volume foods, and some snacks lower in cals can get you through and help your sweet tooth. Salad I’m not talking about the salads you go out to a restaurant and get. I’m talking about just green salad or a salad mix without croutons and dressing and all of the other stuff that goes in them.  For dressing, I would use some walden farms calorie free dressing (this is...

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The great diet debate

These are the questions I hear on a day to day basis, Some from even people in good shape that are trying to take their physiques to the next level or for performance on a certain lift. Others are just for general weight loss. Here they go. How many meals per day should I eat , I heard….? I eat every three hours to keep my metabolism high, why am I not losing weight? How much protein should I get a day to lose/gain weight? How much water should I drink? What supplements can I take? I eat clean,...

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