Author: Scott Avery

Love cereal? Try to make your protein powder your milk!

This has been a staple in my diet for years. I love cereal and always will. Most of us grew up on it. And I know many people that like to have cereal at night as a snack. Here’s a great way to feel full and have a bowl of cereal at night. Pick a cereal (if you’re worried about sugar content pick cheerios or rice flakes) Make sure the protein has xanthan gum, cellulose gum or guar gum inĀ  it for full whip. (quest works great)Other proteins may not have this and it will not whip up. It...

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Earthquake bar bench press

The earthquake bar is just as it sounds. Shakey! This will help build stability in the bench press and help those with shoulder injuries in the bench press. The reason it will help is simply because it will have all of the stabilizer muscles in the movement firing to keep the bar in position. Using bands that bounce and kettle bells really exaggarate the shakiness of the exercise. Good luck with it!...

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