there is no success like failure



Anyone knowledgeable, talented, or successful all have at least one thing in common. THEY FAILED at something. What they deemed to be successful for may have not been what they failed at. But it lead them to their success. Throughout my entire life, I struggled with weight. I struggled with diet. Injuries. Hormone imbalances (from crazy dieting). I was searching for success in those areas of my life at one point in time and the same story went for each of them in this fashion…. If I could just get to INSERT GOAL HERE, THEN I’ll be happy. I would search and research for hours a day, read numerous books, try certain things and even go to drastic measures searching for answers. Some times I would be like, YES this is it! I know I’m on the right track this time! Then it would fail miserably leaving me back to the drawing board. What was the point? Why couldn’t I get to where I wanted? Something I wanted so bad? KNOWLEDGE. EXPERIENCE. These are why. Where am I going with this?  THE WHY DOESN’T MATTER. Keep trying at whatever your failure is. Just be sure to try something different every time and see where it leads you. You may find your success between your failures, and not even know it until someone says “wow I can really tell you’re good at INSERT KNOWLEDGE /TALENT /SUCCESS HERE. 

Someone who hasn’t ever suffered hasn’t lived, someone whose never failed will never succeed, and someone given everything will eventually have nothing. Ask a lottery winner how to get rich. Ask a genetically thin person how to eat. They don’t have a previous journey to tell you how. You need a failure to bring you success. When you get to that success, you’re going to have other failures. That’s okay, keep going.

In my experience with nutrition, I have dieted so many different times, so many different ways. You name it I’ve done it. Keto dieting, High carb, low carb, high protein, low protein, carb cycling, calorie cycling, low fat, stillman (1960s diet), paleo. So what did all this teach me? You will fail. ALOT. And spin your wheels and dig for answers. ALOT. You may go to every youtube channel, every website, try every supplement to come out, spend a lot of money and time figuring out a two word answer to your questions. Caloric intake trumps all diet, macro/micro, supplement meal timing thing No matter what. Use the calories as your base. If you want to get more serious about it, add the other things in. Macronutrients/Micronutrients, Supplementing, meal timing; put these on the back burner if you’re failing at dieting and focus on the calories. There’s never going to be the perfect diet or perfect time for you to start.  The answer is just to start. Try, just try. Practice does not make perfect, but it will make discipline.

Practice will make discipline to keep trying. Keep failing until you succeed. We all need to fail for growth. I will continue to fail. The difference is I have to keep going. You will never get stronger and in better shape if you don’t go to a gym. You don’t know what your doing? SO WHAT. Michael Jordan didn’t know what he was doing the first time he picked up a basketball. Einstein didn’t know how to read at first. Anyone great didn’t know what they were doing at first. BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAY. So I will continue to fail in certain areas in my life and be happy about it, because I have the ABILITY to fail and TRY AGAIN. I have the ability to try. We have to not be afraid to fail.

Do me a favor. TRY. FAIL. THEN TRY AGAIN. You are one step closer each time. When you reach where you want to be, there will always be another obstacle. The reason many people fall in love with fitness and dieting is because it makes them look good. I love it because it teaches discipline. It teaches commitment. It also causes self improvement. After they meet their fitness goal, now what? Well now you just proved to yourself that you can do that, now what else can you do? Anyone who has been through a huge weight loss knows that down the road, its bumpy. Its not a straight path, it’s not what you thought it would be. If you would have given up you never would have made it would you? You would have been the coulda, woulda, shoulda, but you decided to keep going. That one decision changed your life. Do you need to make that decision? Make that decision today. Your excuses are over, you ran out. Yesterday was the last excuse, now you gotta jump.