Many folks that are confused about what they should weigh, for their height, like to base it on a BMI chart. A BMI chart is a very broad and generic tool used to tell a person what they should or should not weigh. The main problem with this is it doesn’t take muscle mass into consideration or bone structure. These two indicators can cause your BMI to be out of range and close to obese!

BMI= weight in kg./(height in meters squared)

example : me : weight in kilos=85.45kg  height in meters 1.77

85.45/(1.77×1.77)= 27.27 …average health range 18.5-24.9

27.27 means im overweight.

Overweight with visible abs? Hmmm

A better indicator of bodyfat percentage without spending loads of money on tanita scales, body pods, skin folds, and underwater weighing is a simple mirror. What body fat percentage do you look like?

Image result for body fat percentages

Image result for body fat percentages

This will help you in a cheaper and more effective way on your bodyfat percentages! I hope this helps.