I have seen this for years…

Someone overweight wanting to get in shape

Their first idea

  • Cardio- although cardio is a good tool for weightloss and heart health, this is a simple tool in your tool box, Not the main culprit. Running and cardio causes stress on the muscles, joints and tendons. Repetitive overuse and using the same form of cardio will inevitably lead to some form of injury, period.
    • Why I think cardio shouldn’t be the main weightloss tool.
      • When people start running, they start overweight (typically). They do not take into consideration that they are running on concrete, or a treadmill( this will lead to muscle imbalance ill write on this later) and the pounding that this puts on your joints and ligaments. There is productive stress and unproductive stress. This is an unproductive stress leading to injury pretty quick. At times taking a stride on concrete can causeĀ  around 3x your bodyweight on the hip andĀ  around 2x your bodyweight on the knee. Do that long enough and you’re going to be spinning your wheels in injuryImage result for running stressToo much weight = extra stress=injury
      • When people use this as their main weight loss tool, when they stall they add more distance or go faster, take less rest days, causing …you guessed it ..more injury and unproductive stress on the body.
      • Image result for repetitive overuse syndromeImage result for plantar fasciitis
      • Constant leaning forward and being overweight in the stomach area can cause these areas issues, running can make this happen a little faster if you aren’t properly recovered.
      • “Running is the most popular and most debilitating form of exercise. Up to 80% of runners are in pain on any given run, no matter the distance, intensity, or course. ” Dr. John Rusin

Solution: simply walk to get in shape, then run! Or just stay walking

Walking is great and you can walk everyday without strain on your body.

Walking is also a great stress reliever.

As much as I loved running I also love being pain free.

We wanna stay in shape for our lifetime, not for a quick fix.