We all have fallen guilty of it time and time again.

DO YOUR PLANKS AND SIDE PLANKS (core stability)3×15-60 secs

DO YOUR ROTATOR CUFF EXERCISES (shoulder stability)3×15-40

DO YOUR I Y T EXERCISES (scapular stability)3×12-20 each way

DO YOUR BAND WALKS(hip/knee stability)3x 10-25 walks

We get lazy then we just skip them.

What happens?

Imbalances that cause pain and injury.

Who likes being hurt all the time?

I knew I was hurt lot and it was from pure laziness of not doing enough stabilization exercises for the smaller muscles.

These smaller muscles aid in your prime muscles and allow them to rest and recover. And grow. If more muscles are recruited during exercises, it will allow the prime mover to do its job more efficiently. Hence, strength gains and less pain!

We have different muscular systems in our body. I would like to touch on two of them. The first is the global muscular system.

The global muscular system is our dynamic muscular system in a nut shell. It’s all of the gym muscles we tend to think about.

global muscular system


These break down into deeper categories, but we’re just going to keep it simple, and let you know what you need to.

Global muscles for this blog is going to be defined as your gym muscles

Local muscles are going to be defined as your stabilizer muscles

If your body has proper mobility and your in pain all of the time, chances are its your stabilizers not doing their job.

But Travis , I don’t feel like doing all of those stabilizer movements.

Well then do Yoga.

Yoga ( I do mostly vinyasa yoga) works your stabilizer system. I have heard numerous times from clients that once they started doing yoga for about a month, their body was no longer in pain. This is because vinyasa yoga has the benefit of static holds which really fire up those stabilizers. This is important for your gym muscles. They get  much needed break from doing all the work.

I would recommend yoga at least one day a week, preferably twice. This will ensure that your stabilizers are working properly.

If you can’t do yoga once or twice a week, I suggest adding some yoga in between sets on lighter lifting days.

Integrating the two may not be as effective, but we gotta do what we gotta do!

If you don’t want to do your yoga then continue to do your stabilizer exercises listed above and stretch!

Good luck!