upper/lower split starter kit

1. Start with an upper lower split using the 4 big lifts -squat deadlifts bench and overhead press. Start with 3-5 sets for each  pick a day for each one example.  Monday squat Tuesday bench Thursday deadlift Friday overhead press . For most programs these are based on 1 rep maxes. And people will typically use 90% of their 1rm to get a weight that’s manageable to develop from.

2. Add secondary lifts with the same intensity. (Rows , front squats, rdls,  pullups) all of these work stabilization on the eccentric movement of the big lifts.  -front squat to deadlift; rdl to squat; bench to row ;overhead press to pull up this will ensure were not going to create a muscle imbalance . These are also typically used with a 1rm scale where we use 90% to determine the weight used for these specific exercises

3. Add specific rep ranges that you would like to use for each training block. And increase intensity by 2.5% , add a set or add 1 rep. each week until you deload(more on deloading later)

4. Add in 1 unilateral exercise for push pull and legs and 1 loaded carry -simple examples lunges,  dumbbell rows, single arm bench press and a farmers walk. 

5. Add in your isolation work. 1 each 3-4 sets of 6-20 reps your choice.  Biceps, triceps,quads, hamstrings,  calves.(barbell curls, skull crushers, leg extensions, leg curl) pick an rpe of 8- this means you leave 2 in your tank for each set. 

6. Add prehab work into your routine and make it part of the program. Abs are part of prehab. A strong core aids in injury prevention. 2 ab exercises each day targeting specific areas of the core.  Planks ,side planks, aqua mans, boat hip raises, reverse crunches, Russian twists,    Spider walks /groin raises leg days,  shoulder internal external rotations,  iyt  upper days. This will allow you to keep our smaller stability muscles strengthening with our mirror muscles . Treat these as “wake up” sets for the muscles to work. These do not need to be annihilated. If you do want to annihilate your stabilizers do extra sets at the end of your workouts.  

7. Deload every 4-8 weeks. Take all your big exercises and secondary exercises and do around 65% of the weight you were lifting prior to the deload. All of the other lifts we will drop 1 to 2 sets and do the bare minimum (this is a recovery week it works out for you roughly 2 weeks after the deload).

8. The week before the deload If you’re feeling good break the rules and take the last set of everything to failure. Hey, you get a recovery week next week might as well push it!  If you’re feeling a little beat up you don’t have to do it, but for the exercises you feel good in , go for it!

Putting it all together.
Squat 5×5 80% 90% 1rm
-superset with spider walks 20 reps to wake up glute medius muscles and planks 30 secs while warming up for your working weight
RDL 5×8 67.5% 90% 1rm
-superset with groin raises to get adductors to fire properly (activation of adductors help aid core stabilty)
Loaded farmers walks 3 sets 20 yards
Leg extensions 3×8-15
-superset sit ups (will work rectus femoris where leg extensions will not)
Leg curl 3×8-15
-superset calf raises  or s leg jump rope 3×15-25
Bench press 5×5 80% of 90% of 1rm
-light internal/external rotations and  iyt bands to make sure stability muscles are awake!  Alternate the two between bench sessions while warming up to your working sets.
Pullups 5x body weight or lat pulldown 5 sets 8-12
Single  arm  incline bench press 3-4 ×6-15
-superset with side plank with arm rotation 3 sets 10-20
Skullcrushers 3-4 X 8-15 sets
-superset incline bench IYT shoulders 3-4x 6-15 (iyt=1)
Deadlift 5×5 80 % of 90% 1 rep max
– superset aqua mans and kettle bell swings light to wake up muscles  (alternate the 2)
Front squat 5×8 67.5% of 90% 1rm
– superset glute medius spider walks till using working weight (this will ensure stabilty for the lunges)
Lunges 3-5 sets of 6-10 each leg
-boat pose leg lifts 3×8-15 each leg
Reverse crunch 3-4x  10-20
-superset  weighted Russian twists  or landmine twists 3×8-15 each side
Overhead press 5×5 80% of 90 % 1rm
– super set with really light lat pull downs to aid with lower trap activation wake up sets
Rows 5×8 67.5% 90 % 1rm
Single arm dumbbell row 3-4 8-15
-around the world planks (lift right arm and lower, then left, then right leg, the left leg =1) 3 sets of 3-10 clockwise and counterclockwise
Barbell curls 3-4x 8-15
– superset iyt and rotator cuff burnouts 3 sets 10-30

Each week you add a set ,add a rep,  decrease rest periods, add weight  or add 2.5% onto the % .
I like to pick 1 for each block of training . So for a specific exercise if your adding reps and you get stuck and don’t see yourself adding another rep the next week. Drop the reps down a couple and add Weight!  If you don’t want to add weight add a set! If you want to keep the weight decrease the rest! The options are there.  All were looking for is progression.  Just a little bit of progression over a long period of time makes a huge difference in your physique and strength.


When you’re getting wither ran down from training “aches and pains” getting weaker or hitting a plateau. Then it’s deload time.
What to do..
Take 65% of your 90% 1rm for the main lifts and secondary lifts and use that weight. 1rm 275lbs 275lbs x.9 = 247.5
247.5 x.8 = 198》200lbs
Example working weight squat 5×5 200 pounds would be 3×5 with 165lb
The assistance exercises we will drop a set and do the bare minimum on the rep scheme
3-4×8-15 turns to 2×8.
This is like taking 1 step back to get 2 steps forward.  And it Will work.
Good luck !!