So for those of you that have been on the dieting band wagon, we all know that weighing our food is crucial to determine our caloric intake. Sometimes, we don’t have a scale.


We have simple tools that we have with us at all times that will help us stay within our portion sizes!

  1. Measure fat with your thumb
    • a whole table spoon will be roughly around the size of your thumb
    • measure a tea spoon to from the end of your thumb to the joint
  2. Measure meat with your palm
    • Think of a hockey puck – that’s about 4 ounces of meat
  3. Measure veggies with fists
    • This will be roughly 1 cup
  4. 2 cupped hands will be a serving of pretzels or oyster crackers
    • This does not mean an overflowing cup! Remember you’re only cheating yourself!!
  5. Measure grains with fists too
    • This will end up being close to a half cup of grains
  6. The count method
    • Typically you can count out the amount that you ate and find it in your tracking app and put the amount in there. Technology, a love hate relationship!