In remembrance of my little brother. He had a hard battle and was a prisoner to addiction for many years. This is dedicated to him and what he would want.


Live as if there’s nothing left.

Live it like it’s your life breath.

Live, start now, this new head start.

Live, you’re new, your brave, your smart.

Live it for me I know you will.

Live for me cause I can still see hear and feel.

Live , follow your dreams they’re bright.

Live, I’m rooting you on day and night.

Live, like there’s no tomorrow.

 Live  to help your tears and sorrow.

Live, forget the cards your dealt.

Live, believe they’re tools to add to your belt.

Live full and let me be proud.

Live and let your freedom be loud.

Live it in uncomfortable pain.

Live it to the fullest and remember my name.

Rest in peace my little brother Kevin Avery. I’ll see you when we meet again. Tell dad I said hey and I love and miss him too