1) choose a goal

  • add muscle(weight gain)
  • maintain
  • fat loss

2) find your calorie requirement for maintanence


  • <-harris-benedict
  • Body weight x10  then multiply that by activity level
    • 1.1-1.4
      • sedentary (if you lift 3x a week and sit at a desk this is you)
      • have issues with metabolism (aging, thyroid etc)
      • work out lightly
    • 1.4-1.6
      • lift with  (3-4x a week)volume,intensity,  follow a program, but still sit at a desk all day
      • lift 3-4x a week with volume ,intensity, follow a program, and work on your feet but not strenous
    • 1.7-2.1
      • lift 4-5x a week with volume, intensity,follow a program and work on your feet
      • lift 5x-6x a week with volume, intensity, follow a program and work a job that requires effort physically (no standing doesn’t count as strenous)
  • BW x 14-16

Take the number from any of the above ways to calculate your maintenance calories and determine you goal…

#-500= fat loss


#+200 slow gaining

3) set your protein requirements

BW x.6-1.4g/lb depending on goal and preference

  • * more is not always better on protein, it can actually be hindering I would choose .8-1.2 gm/lb , middle of the road always beats out confusion.
  • cutting it’s easier to have more protein in your diet to keep you satiated
  • during a bulk you may feel like you don’t want as much protein in your diet, this is fine I have went as low as 100g per day and made gains just as fast as 200g per day.
    • if you’re overly concerned and think you won’t make gains on protein I advise you to read How much protein? by Brad Pilon

4) set your fat intake

  • BWx.3-.6
    • this will give you the grams of fat to eat (personally I would go for middle of the road here too)

5) set your carb intake

ex) 180 pd guy- desk worker lifts 4x a week wants to lose some fat. He walks his dog 3x a week  2-mile a day

BW x 10 =1800

1800x 1.5= 2700cals


2700-500= 2200CALS

  • Protein= we will say he’s kind of on the leaner side and gets hungry often so we will go with BWx 1
    • 180×1=180 gm of protein

Now that we have that number we will move onto fat

  • He enjoys high volume foods and carbs so we will go with BW  x .35
    • 180x.35=63gm of fat

Now the rest is carbs..

To determine these we need to know that fat accumulates 9 calories per gram and carbs and proteins accumulate 4 cals per gram.

FAT 9CAL/GM= 63grams x 9 =567 cals

PROTEIN 4CAL/GM= 180grams x4 =720 cals

add them together and subtract the calories from the calorie total to get your carb cals. Then divide carb calories by 4



  • 567+720=1287 CALS


  • 2200-1287-=CALS


913/4 =228CARBS

His macros are

63 fat

228 carbs

180 protein

to make it easier lets go …

65f 230c 180p

2 servings of fruits and veggies a day.

Repeat till lean.


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