I get it all the time.

Whats the best cardio for fat loss?

Whats the best diet?

Whats the best program to get strong and jacked?

Whats the fastest way to lose weight?

What’s the best thing to eat before or after exercise?

The honest truth,

Whatever is the best way? You will fail at!

It’s not attainable..

p90x, Insanity…

6 days a week ninety minute workouts…

Who the hell wants to do that forever?

Well you won’t be able to…how many people choosing the fast lane get hurt, give up or gain it all back?

I’ll give you numbers…..5% of crash dieters keep their weight off.

Do you want to work your ass off with a probability number like that..?

I certainly don’t and don’t expect you to either…

Our society is built around fast,efficient, and more is better….Fast food, production lines in factories, medicine, lose weight as fast as possible….

Whatever happened to patience?

Remember the tortoise and the hare?

Who won???

If  I eat next to no calories I’ll lose weight faster! Then what happens???

..They get starved, binge out, and since their body has down regulated its metabolism for survival (heart rate slows, basal temperature may drop are some examples) they gain weight…FAST….How did they lose weight? FAST…

For every up there is a down guys. Slow and steady wins the race.

People get in shape 3 ways

  • For a season.
    • These are the guys or women at the gym that lost weight for an x amount of months for the summer and then all winter gain it all back. Don’t get me wrong physique athletes and bodybuilding “bros” do this too. But they know they can’t attain that bodyfat percentage year round. I’m talking about the woman or guy that wants to get into that bikini. They quit drinking, go on a strict ass diet, and suffer all the way up to the start of the summer. And they will preach to themselves LIFESTYLE CHANGE.
      • Sadly, they reach their goal..then want to celebrate with friends for a drink or go out to eat something terrible. I find it ironic how deprivation of these things lead to the person’s  reward being these things!

If you are that man or woman in this category, please contact me so I can give you some stability back in your life. It can be WAY easier and more enjoyable.

  • For a reason.
    • These guys and gals have something driving them to get into shape.
      • Post pregnancy (most driven)
      • break-up
      • wedding
      • modeling/photoshoot/bodybuilding show/powerlifting competition
      • Health related issue
    • They bust their ass and get where they need to get, then after, become unmotivated, fall back into old habits, find another girlfriend/boyfriend, get their cholesterol, blood pressure down, reverse their type 2 diabetes. They meet their goal and then BAM, back to normal. This time to gain it all back and “fall off'”.

There is an easier way to get out of these situations, other than just stop what you’re doing and going back to normal
Anyone can lose weight, or gain weight. Who keeps it off?

  • For a lifetime
    • Ahh, the tortoise. Not looking for a quick fix. Knowing that nothing is going to happen overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither should your new lifestyle be built fast.
    • These people create attainable goals and have small goals leading up to the big ones.
      • They look at the big picture instead of the fad diets
      • They are patient
      • They accept failing as an amazing learning tool
      • They find “grey”.


How many people can find this?

Anyone has the capability to find this, it really just comes down to one question…

Do you have what it takes??

Patience is probably one of the hardest things that we as Americans deal with..

Patience and Pride….

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Great poems, Take out people/friends and insert Personal Goals….