CGOLDENWALL High Precision Lab Digital Scale ...

1) buy a food scale
2)make sure it has batteries
3)press the power button
4)set the scale to grams or ounces (grams are more precise)
5)press the tare to set to zero
6)put a plate on the scale (it should show you a number, this is the weight of the plate)
7) press the tare to set to zero (now we can weigh the food )
8) put food onto the plate ( this example we will use rice)
9) get the measurement of the white rice (example here is 150grams)
10) look up white rice cooked on your calorie tracking app
11) go to the serving size menu on the calorie app and change it to grams
12) go to the serving amount and type in the amount (150) and hit save
13) now it will show up in your daily calories!
14) pat yourself on the back, you did it! You successfully logged your food item correctly.