The answer is start now. Just start. There isn’t a perfect time, day, or thing thats going to push you foreword. There isn’t a shortcut. The shortcut is to start. If you start and fail, at least you started. Pick up and try again. What made you quit? What can you do better this time around? What can you take for your past failure? Who cares about doing it right, how does it feel doing it wrong? People, in order to get where you want to go, you have to do things wrong to find out whats right. The difference is not giving up. Take what you did RIGHT and apply it to your next go. Learn what you can do different from your last time you tried. The failure lies within the mind. The way you look at the failure is going to determine your outcome to success. Praise your failure because you just learned something.

Difficulties and struggles in everyday life are going to be there, and you must try to push through them. It’s easy to make an excuse and give in. Do what is easy and have a hard life, do what is hard and have an easy life. It’s your decision.

1st lets talk about what you can do, and forget what you can’t do. 2nd is to find what you like about fitness, and forget about what you hate. 3rd is have an accountability coach. It helps tremendously with staying consistent.  4th is remember that we are striving for a lifestyle change. Change can be uncomfortable at first, but eventually that change will not have the same sting that it once did. Eventually that change will be your new normal.

I hope this small little read helps!